PTCL Evo Wingle security tip for Online Games, Video Conferencing lovers

PTCL Evo Wingle game lovers protectionProtecting your network is an important thing especially in a time when cyber attacks have become a routine thing. 

It is particularly true for your Internet, WiFi and Network.

So it will be helpful to have some special measures to protect your network while playing online games, video conferencing or IP phone over LAN. These things are some of the most ‘suitable tools’ of attacks to get into your network.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) Evo Wingle gives you some control on special applications like stated above.

Although its a bit complicated, but spending some time will secure your network from cyber intruders.

Just go to Setting Options of your Wingle IP Address Page opens automatically as you plug it into your laptop or PC.

Configure parameters to allow the operation of special applications, such as online games, video conferencing, or IP phone,over the LAN.

Now you go to Security Button and get into Special Applications section where you see description like  this”

  • Trigger Protocol: Supports the interoperability of special applications and remote servers.
  • Trigger Port: Outbound applications port.
  • Open Protocol: Protocols used by special applications.
  • Open Port: Port used to access special applications over the Internet. It can be a single port or a range of ports. Up to 5 pairs of ports are supported. Use semicolons(;) to delimit ports. For detailed parameters please refer to specific applications descriptions.

Special Applications List

Name Status Trigger Port Trigger Protocol Open Protocol Open Port Options

Now click on ‘Add’ button at the end of the sectionand put the relevant data as required above. After entering all the details, click Apply button it will secure using your special applications.

You could also consult your network administrator for its proper execution.

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