PTCL Evo Wingle WiFi signals boosting with simple trick

PTCL evo wingle wifi boostKARACHI – If you are an old user of Evo Wingle, then you have also experienced off and on trouble in WiFi signals and even internet service itself. 

Working one day from bed, I have noticed a strange thing.

My Evo Wingle signals and internet service went down even opening a webpage became impossible.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) itself not very active in removing service errors too, but sometimes a simple trick works rapidly and smoothly.

As it did that day.

I grabbed the Wingle device, plugged it out of laptop and immediately noticed it was hot like a stove, even I couldn’t hold it for some seconds.

Then I found that the device was touching the foam of the bed, making it impossible for Evo Wingle to keep itself normal or cool.

I just placed a hard surface beneath my laptop, plugged the device into it and within minutes, the Wingle devices temperature was normal and service and WiFi signals got normal too.

So with other tips to keep WiFi signals and internet service on boost, another simple thing is to always place your laptop on a hard surface, which will help boosting your Evo Wingle services.

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