Now you don’t have to remember your password going high-tech at CeBIT 2014

Grid password on CeBITCeBIT is the world’s largest and international computer expo and it is now a platform for recognising achievement by ICT business, particularly in Australia.

It now brings an innovative Technology that make you free to remember passwords for all your devices and accounts.

Because passwords are very weak and always get hacked, that is why retailers or social media websites are fail to fully protect their servers.

So get benefit by this amazing technology based on a four-colour grid with numbers inside that resembles a Sudoku puzzle.

Users select a pattern on the grid as their “password” and because the numbers inside the boxes change once per minute, the code changes too, making it far harder to hack.

“There is no way anybody could see which numbers you are looking at. You see typing numbers but you don’t know what the pattern is because each number is here six times.”

In addition,”Face recognition and fingerprint recognition are additional safety security features, they will never have only face recognition or fingerprint recognition” but rather use them as a crucial backup to passwords.

Now you are unable to get hacked !

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