Four Things When Money is Problem

Where do I Spend Money?Although in our society, it seems illogical to tell where to spend money in a context where inflation is always going high to higher. 

But in case your have money, but can’t prioritize and decide how to spend it, here are four things to consider.

 1- Come up with a budget:

Prepare a proper budget of your income and expenses and follow your track. Use credit card t get the record of your expanses and if it is not possible then take a note book with you to note all the record of your expanses.

 2- Avoid impulse buying:

Before purchasing any thing, ask some question with yourself and answer the honestly.

1-Do I need it?

2-Will I use it?

3-Is this lowest price?

4- Does it valuable for me?

3- Shop around regularly for utilities and insurance:

Buy things from the shop which u think it provides counts on customers sticking with the service simpler than shopping for another on regular. Purchase the reliable things which will be work for a long time without any disturbance.

4- Research about prices before buying:

Don’t purchase anything more than 20,000 rupees without conducting some research first. More expansive items research you will want to conduct more. Research from some reputable places where you trust.

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