Inside story of Google’s boss secret love affair with Google-Glass project girl

Inside story of Google's boss secret love affair with Google-Glass project girl | PakistanTribeLONDON/WASHINGTON – There is no doubt that Google is leading the technology world with its innovation, advance strategies and pace but this time the company’s co-founder Sergey Brin becomes in limelight due to his affair with the Google-Glass project girl.

According to the details, 40 years Anne Wojcicki trapped by a 27 years Amanda Rosenberg , the British lover of Google co-founder Sergey Brin, who visited the couple’s house to discuss Google Glass.

She was the part of the team who work on the project. She wanted to Sergey Brin’s wife (Anne Wojicicki) advice on the project.

The aim of her visit was to discuss the scope and motivation of mother to focus for the product pitching.

IT’s revealed Yesterday that during these visits Amanada Rosenberg befriended with the Brin’s wife and this was the time when affair got started.

According to the reports published in the local British media the relation becomes in limelight as Miss Wojcicki found a trail of incriminating emails between Miss Rosenberg and her husband of six years, Mr. Brin.

The revelations in Vanity Fair seem to back up colleagues’ views of Miss Rosenberg, who went to Marlborough College with Kate Middleton, as someone who was ‘sleeping her way to the top’.

A graduate of Leeds University, she was seen as an attention-seeker at Google’s California headquarters, quickly becoming marketing manager for Google Glass.

According to Vanity Fair she was dating both men when Miss Wojcicki came across the ‘alarming’ emails.

She allegedly ditched Mr Barra a month later – without saying there was another man – when he asked her to come with him to Hong Kong where he had a new job.

Although Google officially tolerates staff relationships, saying they can be creative, Mr Brin having an affair with an underling was seen as inappropriate, according to a source at the company.

Here is the more detail about Miss Rosenberg, her affair with Sergey Brin and the reaction of Larry Page:

Google's co-founder Sergey Brin with his wife | PakistanTribeLarry Page, who had known Miss Wojcicki since they were students and set up Google with Mr Brin in her sister’s garage, was ‘insanely upset by this whole situation and wasn’t talking to Sergey’, said the company insider.

Mr Brin, 40, and Miss Rosenberg still work together at Google’s special projects division and remain romantically involved. Sources say their relationship can be fiery.

Miss Rosenberg was reportedly angry when Mr Brin spent last Halloween with Miss Wojcicki and their children.

‘The two of them have horrible, screaming fights,’ said a friend. ‘It’s part of the passion, the chemical attraction.’

Miss Rosenberg recently revealed online that she is being treated for clinical depression, describing herself as a ‘ticking timebomb’.

News of her affair with Mr Brin broke in September.

According to posts on her blog, she was born in Hong Kong and raised in London.

She refers to herself as a ‘Chinese Jew’ – a ‘Chew’. Her mother is from Hong Kong, her father is British.

She boarded at £31,000-a-year Marlborough College with Kate and Pippa Middleton and Princess Eugenie, and has worked for Google since she graduated with a communications degree.

She was based in London, before moving to San Francisco to work at Google’s nerve centre last year.

Her social networking pages are filled with photographs of her modelling Google Glass, and one shows her meeting rapper Tinie Tempah.

Miss Wojcicki, who is single, does not want a divorce – apparently because she has enough money and wants to avoid fighting over her husband’s fortune. She runs a genetics testing company.

Google Glass, a wearable computer in the shape of a pair of spectacles, has alarmed privacy campaigners because it can film what the user sees.

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