Taliban send ‘Sandal’ to Imran Khan?

PTI Imran Khan and PMLN Nawaz SharifISLAMABAD – As the news and views about a meeting between opposition leader and the prime minister still emerging, an interesting comment of Nawaz Sharif will really delight you.

“Have Taliban sent you these Sandals,” he said while pointing out towards shows of Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan.

All the people around busted into laugh hearing this comment while Khan replied:

“Now people used to call me TK (Taliban Khan) not IK (Imran Khan).”

PTI chairman commented on PM’s steadfastness over talks with Taliban saying “Mr. PM your stand on dialogue is really good. No previous government had never taken such bold step.”

On this, Nawaz Sharif said that ‘Mr. Khan I also kept having good stand on many other issues too.”

PM and Imran Khan met on Wednesday to discuss the ongoing issue of dialogues with Pakistan Taliban.


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