After Sheikh Rasheed and Dollar, Ishaq Dar’s Next Wickets Are…..

 Dar inflation decreaseISLAMABAD – As the dollar value falls against Rupee, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar looks in a mood to make some more claims for future. 

The value of dollar kept on decreasing on Wednesday and shed up to Rs. 98.05 in the interbank market; however intermarket rate remained Rs. 98. 50.

Dar was of the view that his government had fulfilled its promise to decrease dollar value.

“Now dollar value decrease should be reflected in decrease of petroleum prices,” he further said.

“The government has fulfilled its promise to decrease dollar, tomato and potato prices,.”

“The inflation will also go down with the decrease,” the minister, who had become a symbol of ‘Increasinig Prices’, said.

The decrease in dollar prices has even put Sheikh Rasheed, head of Awami Muslim League and ally of Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf in trouble too. He was of the view that Ishaq Dar wouldn’t be able to bring dollar prices down; and if he does, Sheikh would resign from his parliament seat and politics.

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