“An amazing Technology that converts your cell phone into a projector”

Mobile to projector technologyWhat an Amazing Impression it would Be if you would be able to Use your cell phone As a Projector….!

Your Dream has been come true by the researchers at California Institute of Technology (CalTech) by Inventing a A new light-bending silicon chip that will turn your cellphones into lens-less projectors, that shows a bright, clear image on a wall or a big screen.

The Professor of electrical engineering at Caltech Ali Hajimiri, Thomas G. Myers Explained the working of this amazing chip that ‘the new chip does not require the bulky and expensive lenses as used in traditional projectors but this chip uses a so-called integrated optical phased array to project the image electronically .
This chip requires only a single laser diode as light source and no mechanically moving parts.”

This technique works on the property ,coherence of light that allows ‘bending of the light waves on the surface of the chip without lenses or the use of any mechanical movement.

Behrooz Abiri,a graduate student in Hajimiri’s team said, ‘the new thing about this is really that we can do this on a tiny, one-millimetre-square silicon chip which can produce images since phase is shifted electronically in two dimensions.”

And as the electronic signal move,The beam will move left, right, up, and down,producing image at wall.

This amazing invention is small and convenient and available at a very low cost.

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