Blunders Of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

bhuttoHe is the darkest character of Pakistan history. He was the prime minister who spoiled our country and caused the great effect which are still spoiling our nation and effecting us.

Nationalization :

He crush the national acids of  Pakistan. He possessed all the private industry of  Pakistan on the name of nationalization which results financial crises in our dear home land. This act of  Bhutto effect all the businessmen in Pakistan. On the behalf of power he left the people of Pakistan as beggars.

Canceled the agreement of dollar price:

He also canceled the agreement with America about the dollar price. In this agreement decided that in all the circumstances the price of dollar remain of Rs.10 but Bhutto canceled this agreement and now dollar is of rupees 98 we are still afraid of  his this act and there is no value of  rupees in international market.

Caused division of  Pakistan:

The  darkest chapter of his time was the division of  Pakistan. He was the one and only selfish person of Pakistan who prefer division of Pakistan instead of loosing the seat of prim minister. In the elections of 1970 he was defeated by the Sheikh Mujeeb ur Rehman but he didn’t accept his defeat and caused division of our dear homeland and Bangladesh was come into being





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