Secure Your PTCL Evo Wingle WiFi Service Within Few Minutes

PTCL Evo Wingle WiFi security password changinAs the cyber crimes are growing fastly, there is a need of strong security – as much as possible – measures from users to prevent any attack to their cyber world. 

A cyber world of a consumer is typically consists of a smartphone, laptop or PC, and tablet. But the one thing which connects these devices is your WiFi device.

So ensuring the security of your WiFi Devices is really a major step for the security of other devices.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) Evo Wingle WiFi, being the biggest Internet and WiFi provider, needs your attention to secure your network from unauthorized access.

Simple thing is to change the default password, which is same in all the devices, making it possible for intruders to get into your network.

Simple procedure for changing password of Evo Wingle WiFi is as follow:

Changing the Password

To prevent unauthorized access to the management page, change the login password.


  1. Choose Settings > System > Modify Password.
  2. Enter the current password.
  3. Enter a new password and confirm it.

    The password can contain a maximum of 15 characters, including numbers, letters (upper or lower case), space, and the following symbols: ! # $ ( ) * – . / = @ [ ] ^ _ ` { } ~ |
  4. Click Apply.

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