Pakistan and PTI Imran Khan to lose Sheikh Rasheed soon?

Sheikh Rasheed resignation on dollar depreciationLAHORE – The downfall, not certain temporarily or permanently, of US dollar against Pakistan Rupee has put political career of Sheikh Rasheed, Political ally of Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf Imran, in danger.

The head of Awami Muslim League has announced that he would leave politics as well the national assembly if dollar sheds to Rs. 98.

On the other hand Ishaq Dar had predicted that dollar would decrease up to Rs. 98.

Now US dollar price is around Rs. 99 and further depreciation is expected in next few days putting a question mark on his future.

Sheikh Rasheed has said that he has resignation in his hand, however, the wait is when the petroleum prices get down up to Rs. 10 per litre.

“If they are capable enough, then I will give the some more challenges as my membership is not important than public interest.”

Ishaq Dar asked Sheikh Rasheed not to consider the challenge and that he should remain in the political arena.

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