Tim Berners-Lee Calls For Bill Of Rights For Web To Protect Net Neutrality

Tim Berners-Lee Calls For Bill Of Rights For Web To Protect Net Neutrality | PakistanTribeLONDON/WASHINGTON – Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the internet 25 years ago this week said that the World Wide Web must remain accessible to everyone.

He also calls for online Megna Carta, a Bill of Rights for web that would protect the independence and neutrality of the internet. He hopes that online Megna Carta would ensure that corporations and governments would be unable to curb its neutrality in the future.

“I believe we can build a web that truly is for everyone: one that is accessible to all, from any device, and one that empowers all of us to achieve our dignity, rights and potential as humans,” said Lee in an interview with Guardian on Tuesday evening.

“The web’s billions of users are what have made it great. I hope that many of them will join me in celebrating this important milestone,” said the computer scientist. “I also hope this anniversary will spark a global conversation about our need to defend principles that have made the web successful, and to unlock the web’s untapped potential.”

“We need a global constitution – a bill of rights. Unless we have an open, neutral internet we can rely on without worrying about what’s happening at the back door, we can’t have open government, good democracy, good healthcare, connected communities and diversity of culture. It’s not naive to think we can have that, but it is naive to think we can just sit back and get it” He told the UK based newspaper.

Anne Jellema, the chief executive of Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s Web Foundation, echoed those sentiments, adding that privacy is fundamental to freedom of expression. “We’re very excited about the 25th anniversary, it’s a great moment to try to find solutions to the problems facing the next 25 years of the web without fear of consequences.

“(One of) the biggest issues is privacy and the huge amounts of data held by the big companies (who monitor) what we do and buy. Privacy is fundamental to freedom of expression and it has rightly got a lot of attention. The last year has been a drum roll of revelations – governments, not just the USA but the UK, German, Indian, are more and more collecting bulk data and storing data.”

Dr Jeffrey Jaffe, CEO of the World Wide Consortium (W3C) who works with Sir Tim in his current role, said it was “amazing” how the web has transformed our lives. “The web has transformed society – how we get information, how we interact with other human beings in terms of social networks, how we conduct business, the way we get educated and entertained has changed. All the major functions of life have been changed by the web,” Dr Jaffe said.

“Everyone can become a publisher and market their products on the web and get massive distribution.” Sir Tim and Dr Jaffe called on users to tell the Web Foundation their dream for the web via Twitter using the hashtag, #web25.


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