Strange & Rare: Coffin business boosting in Peshawar

Coffin business boosting in Peshawar | PakistanTribePESHAWAR – Terrorists compelled Pushton to disobey their traditions and forced them to use coffin boxes which also raised the prices of wooden boxes.

The waves of terrorism in Peshawar not only change the moving bodies into dead but also increase the sale of coffin boxes.

“It could be share, the feelings of the person who gather remaining of the body of his dear one”, Ahmed Jan told Pulse with sorrow and added that he witnessed people collecting the parts of the body from the spot where blast occurred. “No one can feel their unbearable pain”, he said.

The business of sale of coffin boxes has increased in KPK after the blasting situation of the province. The business men used the situation to groom their business and cashed the fear and pain of the people. The sale of the wooden made coffin boxes boosted up and the shopkeepers demanded very high prices.

Just few years ago, coffins were considered as a luxury but change into necessity now. Due to low demand of wooden boxes, only few shops in different markeats of the city were offering the wooden boxes. But now coffins can be seen everywhere in the Northwest Frontier capital, Peshawar, after an increase in terrorist attacks in the city during the war on terrorism.

The sale of coffins increased due to the reason that terrorism is resulting in damaged corpses that have to be boxed before they can be buried. “Had the city administration not provided a coffin box, we would have bought one”, said Ahmed Jan and recalled his memories “It was not a one-piece body. We buried many pieces”. An older suicide attack victim was buried without his face being visible to relatives and friends, going against tradition in most parts of Pakistan. The deceased’s eldest son, Fareed Mishwani, said, “The body was charred; I couldn’t leave it open for others to see”.

Terrorist attacks in northwestern Pakistan have proved an unfortunate blessing in disguise for coffin manufacturers and traders, who have made more money in these years than ever before. Bomb explosions have resulted in hundreds of mutilated corpses, requiring the use of caskets to hold body parts together and conceal disfigurement.

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