Locating Missing Luggage Easy with iOS and Android Devices

locating-missing-luggages-wIt is obvious that we all have luggage on every trip,no matter going for hundred days or two.But unfortunately very few people take good care for it while many of us misplace it.

Statistics have it that about 30 million bags go missing due to transit every year. while 42 million passengers annually never get back their belongings.

To get rid of this inconvenience, LugLoc is designed to make the luggage traceable.

LugLoc, which is short for Luggage Locator, is the ultimate solution for any traveler’s checked-­‐baggage worries consist on, a wallet card with details of the device (it’s ID and the service centre contact numbers), a USB charging cord, and one luggage tag.

First, you will have to fully charge the device which consists of a rechargeable battery which is said to last for 40 days. When there is motion, it turns itself off. It operates on a global GSM network and allows users to track it using an Apple or Google app.

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