Sony and Panasonic collaboration for a long term storage “Archival Disc,”

sony-archival-disc-for-storIt was reported in July last year that Sony and Panasonic were developing high capacity discs that could offer more data space than the Blu-ray’s current 100GB limit.

Sony and Panasonic have Formulated the “Archival Disc,” a Long Term Storage which can through Away all Blu-rays.

Archival Disc,” a next-generation optical disc that can reportedly hold up to 300GB initially and have plan to further increase its capacity up to 1TB(Tera bytes) PER disc by the SUMMER 2015.


Storage upgrades will follow, in line with signal processing improvements, with high linear density processing.

The plan is to offer a more secure optical disc storage method for professional use as archiving grows. This means Archival Disc will be more resilient than current efforts and offer far greater storage.

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