Picnic for ministers in drought-hit Thar, hundreds near to death

Picnic for ministers in drought-hit Thar | PakistanTribeISLAMABAD – Though the people of drought-hit Thar are suffering the worst situation in the area and general public, forces and relief organizations are working to facilitate the people but Sindh ministers are doing something else, PakistanTribe.com reported.

According to the detail available to PakistanTribe, during the Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah visit to the effected area provincial ministers and other guests entertained with the luxuries.

Local residents including women and children belong to 4200 villages of Thar are suffering from food, water, medicine shortage but ministers and other government officials served with Fish, KOFTA, Biryani, White Meat and other delicious food.

According to the report these recreational activities were continue while more than 2500 people were out of drinking water in local district hospital.

Peoples Party’s Sindh government are under the huge criticism after the deaths of more than 150 children due to lack of medication and food shortage.

Parched but not barren, the Thar Desert is the most populated desert on earth. And within that zone of sand is Marwar, known as Land of Death…People here have always prayed for water, for their marginal crops and the cattle that is their wealth


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