A very good thing we can learn from yesterday’s match

The most hot topic of current week is losing of yesterday’s final against Sri Lanka.

The way Pakistan defeated India and Bangladesh was just amazing and that really made Indians and Bangalis not to support Pakistan in final.

Their was not a very huge support of Pakistan in stadium as we seen in Pakistan vs India match.

As Pakistan lost the final, A long debate started on social media where Indians were criticizing Pakistan not only for losing of match but also for current shameless and horrible political and security issues of Pakistan.

That thing lead me to write this article i.e we must have spirit not only for cricket but also for changing the authorities which are in our range.

As we want every sportsmen to bowl perfect or to bat perfectly, we should also try to do what exactly our field wants from us.

That is the only thing which can make our country prosperous not only in cricket but also in every aspect and this is the main thing we can learn from yesterday’s match.

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Zara studies in KU and interested in getting great content on Pakistan, Cricket and ongoing trends.

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