PTCL Evo Wingle Icons Tell You Everything About Signals, WiFi and others

PTCL Evo Wingle guidebook and tips

With most of us already familiar with Evo Wingle’s various functions, but this one is very interesting as it is something ‘Graphical.’

Undertranding the different Icons of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) Wingle device, you can guess the service and signal status easily.

Here are some Status Icons your device use to tell you about various conditions.

Status Icons

The following table describes the icons displayed in the upper right corner of the Mobile WiFi user interface.

Item Status

: The SIM/USIM/UIM card is faulty; PIN/PUK is not verified; or no signals are available.


  • Contact your service provider to check whether a SIM/USIM/UIM card is required.
  • The SIM/USIM/UIM card is provided by your service provider. To find out more about the card, contact your service provider.
  • : A dial-up connection is set up.
  • : No dial-up connections are set up.
  • : WLAN enabled.
  • : WLAN disabled.
Signal : These icons indicate the signal strength from weak to strong.
  • : New messages.
  • : Your local inbox is full.
Update : Update available.

(This is PTCL Wingle Device Guidebook Series aimed at beginner level users of the device, so if you know already, be happy that you are in or ‘near’ expert range)

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