Universities in Karachi under threat

Universties in Khi under threat | PakistanTribeKARACHI – The educational institutes of the city are under the threat of heavy bloodshed as banned organizations are getting power in the main universities of Sindh, under the nose of Law Enforcement Agencies while administration of universities are not taking interest in the issue.

Teachers are also providing their support these organizations.

Activists of Sipah-e-Muhammad Pakistan (SMP) and Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP), are carrying out their activities in the universities.

The said organizations are making their positions strong in the universities and trying to convince new students to join them for the holy cause. Karachi University, Federal Urdu University, Dowood College, and other institutions of the city are the targets of the said organizations.

 Government of Pakistan imposed banned on  Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan and Sipah-e-Muhammad in 2001 as activists of both organizations were involved in the killing of thousands of their rivals and in bombing over each other’s mosques. Sectarian killings in Karachi have claimed more than 5,000 lives in last 20 years, police official said.

Sources claimed that SMP constituted their sitting point in front of cafeteria of Karachi University and formed pickets on the roof of cafeteria to provide shelter to their activists while activists of SSP are arranging gatherings in different departments.

 Both organizations have chalked their slogans and their names on the walls of Karachi University and distributing their literature in the students. Government of Pakistan also imposed banned on the literature of both organizations as it was creating sectarian differences among the persons.

 Sources claimed that the SMP activists are not the students of Karachi University and visit the universities only to run their activities. About more than 100 activists of SMP used to sit in front of cafeteria while 10 to 15 armed activists of SMP take positions in surroundings of cafeteria to provide shelter to their activists, sitting on benches.

 Some of the members of SMP have arrested in different cases as a member had been arrested by Karachi police in 2010 and police had recovered heavy weapons from his vehicles. The person is leading the SMP in universities and he is openly declaring himself a shooter of SMP, sources said.

On the other hand some of the teachers of universities, having affiliations with both sects, are providing support to these organizations. A staff member of Karachi University told on anonymity that teachers are openly supporting these banned organizations. A female teacher, serving on an important post of administration, is actively participating in the activities of SMP.

Sources claimed, the teacher provoked the activists of SMP for carrying out their activities and also offered them a separate place for their activities while another male teacher has already permitted freely use of his home, situated in staff colony of Karachi University, to the members of SMP.

Students of Karachi University told Pakistan Tribe, The activists of SMP are offering parayer in main mosque of the university and it is first time in the history of KU that these guys are offered their Salaat separately. On the other hand the activists of SMP are also offering prayers in the same mosque. Hot talks have been reported among the activists of both organizations which might lead toward any bloodshed.

Administration should stop the persons offering their separate prayers as there was no sectarian division in the past and persons belong to all sects were offering their prayers in the same mosque, students said.

There is no separate mosque for any sect in any educational institute of Pakistan but now some of the teachers of Karachi University are playing role to construct different mosques for different sects which will create sectarian division and violence among the students, they said.

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