Amir Khan Foundation donates Rs800,000 of rations to underprivileged in Dandot

International Champion Boxer Amir Khan through his initiative AK Foundation donated rations worth Rs800,000 to almost 250 deserving families at an event held in the Dandot Region, Punjab.

AK Foundation distributing ration among the poor in Dandot
AK Foundation distributing ration among the poor in Dandot

The event held in collaboration with the revived Dandot Cement Company was much appreciated by the recipients amongst who are severely destitute, widows, orphans and the elderly. The event was put together by local AK Foundation volunteers and Dandot Cement Management. Among the attendees and guests were Musawir Niazi, Assistant Commissioner (AC) of Choa Saidan Shah Tehsil, Malik Nusrat, President CBA, Aslam Sethi Ex MPA, & Raja Noor Muhammad Ex Chairman UC Dandot, who assisted in distributing the rations to the recipients.

Malik Nusrat President CBA said, “It is aspiring that Mr Amir, a world champion boxer, although a UK citizen and an Olympic Medalist for the UK has not forgotten his roots in Pakistan and has initiated his foundation to assist the underprivileged. I wish him well in what he does and may Allah grant him success.”

AC Choa Saidan Shah Tehsil, Musawir Niazi also commented, “I am glad that AK Foundation and Dandot Cement has come together to coordinate this event and their donation to the families in this region won’t be forgotten for it brings some relief to those who are genuinely poor and destitute, and need as much help as possible.”

Riz Khan a representative of the AK Foundation in the UK said, “Although Amir is currently training hard in the US, this event was particularly important to him and he has been in touch with the local coordinators in Pakistan to ensure a smooth event and that proper rations were put together in the donation pack. We also appreciate the legitimate process of how the recipients were selected by a sound interview set up and verification by CBA Dandot and Dandot Cement to select those that deserved assistance the most. We are looking to establish a working formula for AK Foundation in Pakistan and the offer to collaborate by Dandot Cement was well appreciated as its shows that there are companies in Pakistan willing to have a sustainable, strong & transparent CSR Mandate. The success of the event will propel us to seriously consider a set up in Pakistan sooner rather than later, as of particular importance to the mandate of AK Foundation in Pakistan is in the rural areas including accessibility to clean water, education, welfare for children and elderly, along with the development of further sporting platforms to develop talent among young Pakistanis.”

Nazreen Akhtar, a widow and resident of Dandot Village said, “It is very difficult to put in words how tough my life has been since my husband died. There are times where I feel like giving up, but when you hear of a person who is of no relation to you and doesn’t even live in this country doing something for the helpless like me, it gives me hope. The rations are just what I need and it will feed us for some time. May Allah send more people like Amir Khan to watch over us.”

Recipients of AK Foundation Dandot
Recipients of AK Foundation Dandot

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