Easy ways to boost PTCL Wingle Signals and WiFi

PTCL-wingle-signals-and-wifKARACHI – Although it is the largest telecom of the country, but sometimes Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL)Evo Wingle services are irkful. 

“Through the past week, I have suffered a lot due to weak signals, slow WiFi connection and poor response,” Shahid told Pakistan Tribe.

Nazim Ansari is also an affectee of the poor Evo Wingle Service.

“Internet is so important for my work, but there is no net, so no working” he said.

Like these two, you have also experienced off and on poor signals and WiFi service.

Here are some simple and easy ways to make signals and WiFi stronger.

1. Try to place your Wingle devices near any window for proper signal inflow. By doing this, your experience could be much better.

2. Sometimes, problem is not with the Wingle, but with the laptop or PC. Simply shutdown your system, plug out Wingle device and then inser it again. Internet speed could be faster.

3. Use WiFi extender to boost your range at home.

If none of this work, then like most of other people, call PTCL help line and lodge your complain and then wait for speed in your Wingle device.

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