Panasonic Tough Pad 4K for professionals – features, specs, price and other things

Panasonic ToughpadPanasonic has unveiled a tablet of 20 inches with Windows 8.1 Pro running, a tough pad designed for ‘the business rugged’.

Exclusive for professionals in fields where visual clarity and collaboration are essential for productivity, such as industrialists, architecture, medicine and engineering where design and display of ideas make the forefront.

It breaks new ground in digital viewing with 4k resolution display, having a horizontal resolution of 4000 pixels which is four times better than HD. It offers better view, share, manage and interprets information to drive innovations and creativity.

Its features are:

  • A 20 inch tablet with Windows 8.1 Pro (3840×2560 resolution).
  • The business rugged tablet comes with a 10-point multi-touch.
  • IPS alpha LCD display with 230 ppi.
  • Aspect ratio 15:10.

The advanced display and resolution makes zooming instantaneous, smooth and clear.

Powered by intel core i5 vPro processor with NVIDIA GeForce 745M graphics system.

Camera: 5MP rear camera.

Storage: 256 GB SSD, 8 GB RAM and 2GB VRAM, SDXC card slot, a smart card reader to store ample amount of data.

Durability: It is designed to withstand 30 inches drop on its back while operating and 12 inches drop at 26 different angles while non-operating.

Connectivity and I/O: intel centrino, mini displayport,advanced–N 6235 WI-FI 802.11 a/b/g/n,Bluetooth v4.0, USB 3.0,docking connector,SD card slots and Ethernet, HDMI for output connectivity.

Thin and light weighted for a 20 inch display weighing 5.27 pounds(5.18lbs) and .49 inch thickness made of magnesium alloy frame and enclosed in fibre glass case.

The tablet can be combined with accessories–optional Panasonic desktop cradle and carrying case such that it can be used as both PC and tablet.

It has both touch capabilities and unique Panasonic electronic touch pen for pinpoint accuracy and freehand sketching that offers a paper like feel.

The electronic pen is super intuitive, provides great accuracy by using infrared signals to distinctly read every single pixel on the screen and communicates via Bluetooth with the tablet. It can detect and record the pen tilt,and can interpret 2048 levels of pressure ensuring even the smallest detail is perfectly reflected.

The tablet contains a hardware enhanced security and holds a 3 year warranty. It was unveiled at CES 2013 last January but expected to hit the market in mid feb 2014. The 20 inch flagship is soon to be followed by the 10 inches and 7 inches.

Drawbacks: The price tag of $5999 is sure to make us have a second thought to buy, moreover no word on the price of the Panasonic electronic pen.

Another major drawback with high performance oriented gadgets is the short battery life. The tough pad holds 2 hours of battery such that one must always have a charger for longer duration of usage.

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