No clue of TTP involvement in Islamabad attack

No clue of TTP involvement in Islamabad attack | PakistanTribeISLAMABAD – Investigators has not found any involvement of Tahreek Taliban Pakistan TTP in the Islamabad terrorist act which is considered encouraging for the future of peace talks, It has learnt.

Probe by the police and security intelligence agencies, including the ISI, into the Islamabad terrorist act has not yet found even a single hint of the involvement of the TTP, it has been learnt.

A top government source told that there was no indication of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan’s involvement in the Monday’s terrorist act in the heart of the federal capital. It is considered encouraging for the future of peace talks which are all set to enter into the most critical stage — the engagement of the real players, including the government, army and Taliban.

 The authorities are still trying to dig it out as to who did it. “We are working on different conjectures on the basis of available leads but nothing so far has pointed at the TTP,” the source said.

 The TTP, which has recently announced a unilateral ceasefire, is suspected by many, including some political parties like the MQM, to have been behind the Islamabad attack but the police and security agencies do not approve this. Others, however, believe that there would be the involvement of the “third hand”, which does not want the peace process to succeed.

 If the TTP honours its word of ceasefire, it would greatly benefit the talks process and would help reduce the mistrust between the two sides. In the very beginning of the initiation of the peace process, it was expected that certain internal and foreign powers would try to derail the peace process.

 There have been serious attempts even in the past at stopping the government and the Taliban to settle their issues through peaceful means. Not only the US drones have been spoiling the peace efforts of Islamabad but Kabul and India have also been blamed for fuelling terrorism inside Pakistan.

 But despite all the challenges and major hurdles what the peace process has achieved today — a ceasefire by the TTP — was unthinkable in the past. Now the government as well as the two dialogue committees have agreed that it is high time to get the army involved and have direct talks with the Taliban for meaningful results.

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