Apple iPad 1 to iPad Air journey: features, functions apps and working

Apple-ipad-1-to-ipad-airiPad is actually works like Tablets Computer. Designed By Apple INC. it’s runs on Apple’s iOS operating system.


The First iPad was released On April 3, 2010. The iPad has Built in WI-FI and on some models, GSM connectivity.

170 Millions The Sold Figure

There have been almost 170 Million iPads Sold since its release in 2010 October.


An iPad can take photos, play videos And Music Record video and perfrom various Internet Function like web browsing and emailing.


Most of other function like Gaming GPS navigation, social networking etc can be used by downloading and installing apps from Apples Store. In October 2013, The App store has more than one million applications by apple and third parties.

Developers Echo System

Same like iPhone, iPad Shares a development environment. The iPad runs on its own software which is downloaded by Apple App store.

The iPad runs almost all third parties applications. Developers can also modify and create apps to take advantage of the iPad features. Application developer use iOS SDK for developing applications for iPad.

Its interface is centered on the Home screen, a list of available application. The home screen can be accessed by a hardware button below the screen at anytime. To close the appliction which is in process.

iPod Inspiration

The layout of the music library is similar to that of an iPod or current Symbian S60 phones. The iPad can sort its media library, buy songs albums, playlist video and compilations. User can rotate their devices horizontally to landscape mode to access the cover flow. Like iTunes. This features show the different album covers in a scroll through library.

In this iPad, we can use WiFi network to provide location information to application such as Google maps. The 3G supported phones have built in function to locate their location without any network connection, which is called GPS.

Apps on iPad
iPad comes with  many applications including Safari browser, iTunes, Apples Store iBooks, Maps Calendar and Contacts. Many Applications are improved version of apps developed for iPhone and iMac.

The iPad has optional iBooks app which is downloaded from the App store, which displays books and other format content downloaded from the iBook store. iBook store is available only in the United States.

(This is a beginner level news article for those getting iPad. If your an avid user of iPad, just enjoy the fact that you already know all these things).

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