Pakistani Students bag another international award in engineering sector

Pakistan-in-Shell-eco-MarathonLAHORE – Pakistani Students bag another international award in engineering sector during Shell eco Marathon, reported.

Shell eco Marathon (SEM) Asia 2014 was held from the 6th to the 9th of February. SEM is a competition held annually in America, Europe and Asia. It challenges students from all around the globe to design and build energy efficient cars, giving maximum mileage on one liter of fuel.

105 teams from 15 countries participated this year in Asia. The four day event showcased the best of engineering designs and innovations, all built by the young minds of today. Before being allowed on track, each car had to undergo a rigorous set of safety and technical tests to check that the cars were built according to the standard rules and all safety aspects had been considered.

From the car dimensions to brake tests to as little as the angle of the seat belt, nothing was overlooked by the scrutinizing eyes of the Inspection Team, after all safety of the driver was of utmost concern. Only a total of 45 cars from all categories cleared the inspection and raced on the track. Six teams from Pakistan participated in the event, two from PIEAS, one each from Air University and GIKI, and two from PNEC-NUST. All teams performed exceptionally well and except from the car from Air university, all cars made it to the track and competed.

For the first time in the history of Shell Eco marathon, Pakistan won an award. This award was bagged by the team from PNEC-NUST, whose performance in the competition brought this honor to the Green Land. Due to the team’s innovative and outstanding approach in marketing and communication, they won the Communications trophy and prize money of US$2000. They involved families and celebrities, conducted awareness campaigns and organized mall shows to exhibit their cars, as well as highlight the importance of eco friendliness for a greener earth. On track, they finished 6th in the Urban gasoline category and 11th in the Prototype gasoline category.

Muhammad Haroon, Team Manager of Team PNEC-NUST said, “We are very happy to have earned this prestigious award for our country. It was indeed an honor for us to represent Pakistan on such a platform and make our people proud who have supported us all along the way.”

The team will be participating again next year in Shell Eco Marathon 2015; they can be followed on their Facebook page and website. We wish them luck!

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Jawad Ali

Engineering student at NUST-PNEC Jawad Ali is Marketing manager of Team NUST PNEC Shell Eco Marathon. He believe that innovative ideas and technology can bring change in our lives & society.

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