Chinese to eat Halal food by Pakistanis

CM Shahbaz Sharif, Halal foods, livestock punjabLAHORE – Pakistanis, who really like eating meat and related foods, have a good news.

Chinese are likely to make ample investment in the fields of livestock and Halal Foods.

The opportunity was seized by Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif who was meeting with a delegation of China.

The CM was of the view that Pakistan had great potential for livestock and Halal Foods sectors.

He invited the investors from the neighbouring country to make investment in these sectors.

“Pakistan and China should grow their trade regarding livestock and halaf food sectors.”

Shahbaz sees the growing demand of Halal food as a golden opportunity for Pakistan to get benefits.

“The demand for halal food is on rise the world over and Pakistan can earn substantial foreign exchange by exporting halal food to China.”


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