Boost up your Wi-fi Range at home by Wi-fi Range extender

WiFi home range extending Sometimes internet coverage is very poor even inside the home which is so tiring and also leads to higher mobile bills due to extra data usage.

Now this problem has been solved by WiFi range extender (Netgear WN3000RP) which has ensured that you can now get WiFi coverage in every part of the house and even outside the house patio.

What is does is it simply sources the WiFi from the current WiFi router and spreads it across its own coverage area, leading to almost doubling the coverage area.

Setup :

This one requires no CD/manual cable connection to set up. Just plug it into the socket (saves desk space), turn it on and it will catch the current WiFi networks.

Then connected to this new network _EXT and it opens a Netgear site to configure the wifi extender. In a few clicks all done, without any CD, cables or messing with the original modem-router.

Now next time you let your devices prefer this new WiFi network instead of your original network when inside this coverage area.

Note it down that the speed is lesser than your original router. It must be about while 6-7 Mbps from the wifi extender while original router gives 12 MBps.

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