Another Einstein coming but this time from Pakistan

Einstien-from-PakistanThe intelligent student of Pakistan Shakeel Azam Shah who Belongs to Guilgit Baltistaan has written a book on Particle Physics named “MONAD SCIENCE” which was Published by International Famous Publisher “LAMBERT Acadmic Publishers”.

The book has been published after completion of the investigation on 28 Feburary,2014.

Shakeel wrote this book after his F.Sc which took one year to complete.

In his book, he tried to solve those Questions which became a mystery for scientists since past a century.

In this book Different Topics like existence of Nucleus, Dual Nature of Light, Einstein Theory of Relativity, Relationship Between Matter and Energy, Heisenberg Uncertainty principle, Magnetism, Force of Gravity and many other scientific topics have been discussed while other part of the Book consists on Typical Problems related to Mathematics in which solution of Polynomial equation of any degree, solution for Pi and Beal Conjecture are also included.

Book consisted on 108 pages and its price is 49 Euro. Author of book recently got Admission in Qaraqaram International University in BS Physics.

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