10,000 kids become Fun-Tastic kids with total development program

10,000 kids become Fun-Tastic kids with total development program | PakistanTribeLAHORE – Using the most updated research on child development overall the world, Pakistan’s first Total Child Development Program (TCDP) has trained 10,000 kids in its pilot phase.

The 3-month long pilot phase of TCDP, covering Tarbiya or Training with education side by side, was conducted by Ataleeq Pakistan, a research-based kids training organization, and Dar e Arqam Schools, one of the largest schools networks in Pakistan.

 Organized under the title “Fun-Tastic Kids”, the program, held at different schools in Punjab, envisaged to aware kids about basic human qualities and enabling them to think creative solutions of problems.

 The pilot phase trained kids about practical issues in fields like Food and Nutrition, Avoiding Accidents and Emergency, Media Literacy, Kids and Parents Relations, Stranger Safety and Forgetting Home Way.

 The program, which was a non-commercial venture, trained around 10,000 kids of Dar e Arqam Schools.

School going children are the largest part of many urban parts of the country with large number of rural portion.

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