iPhone or iPad photographers cum reporters in action

iphone reports at iphone reports, ipad reports, Chicago sun, Orlando Sentinel iphone reportersA reputable newspaper in central Florida is eliminating its entire photography department by replacing professional photographers with iPhone-wielding reporters.

It calls ‘the change’ a restructuring effort designed to increase the quality of video on its site, the Orlando Sentinel will instead send reporters out in the field armed with iPhones / iPads to report the news.

In the absence of a true photography division, the paper is creating eight new positions, according to one journalist.

These positions include two video editors, two video coordinators, two managers and two mobile photojournalists that will use iPhones or iPads to shoot video in the field.

Surprisingly enough, the Orlando Sentinel isn’t the first newspaper to eliminate its photography department. Last spring, the Chicago Sun-Times laid off all 28 of its full-time photographers.

In their absence, reporters were forced to attend a mandatory training class to learn the basics of photography on the iPhone.

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