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More of a time the stock lock screen does not meet one’s requirement. Specially If you are on an older version of android than 4.2. Luckily for us, there are lock screen replacement apps! But there are so many of them! Well that’s why we’ve put together a list of the 5 best lock screen replacement apps so far to enhance features and to give some beauty and life to your phone! Hit the break and let’s get started.


1. Go Locker

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Lock screen easily and stylishly with the Top downloaded screen locker! 50+ million downloads, 240,000+ user reviews and a 4.4-star rating, that is Go Locker! You may go to SMS messages, call logs and control the music player, all from the Lock Screen.
■ User Reviews
“Love it, excellent lock with many different backgrounds to choose from, I recommend this app to anyone looking for cool wallpapers n locks for their phones.” – Adrian Spaulding
“I love this app it is so much better then the regular lock screens for cellphones.” – Brittney Sanders
“Live and so cool And I cant believe it’s free! So worth it” – Liam Frege
■ Big Update
Display useful information right on locker screen
– Daily weather at 8.Am
– Agenda reminder
– Holiday reminder
– Apps‘ notifcations
PS: If turn on GO Locker’s accessibility, when you operate your phone, it talks back to you.
Please turn off “Talkback” in Accessibility of System setting.
■ Free Features
– Display current weather with live animation effects on lock screen
– Add Everything to your lock screen and quick launch apps directly from the lock (Compatible for all Android Versions)
– Security protection with pin, pattern and gesture
– A vast number of themes with plenty of unlocking style, iphone style, android style and other styles beyond your imagination


2. SlideLock

com.slidelock_thumb_1 com.slidelock_thumb_2 com.slidelock_thumb_3 com.slidelock_thumb_4

Receive all your notifications directly on your lockscreen.
Features :
– Clean lockscreen replacement
– Swipe the screen to the right to unlock, swipe it to the left to access camera
– Actionable detailed notifications, swipe to the right to open, swipe to the left to dismiss
– Custom status bar
– Screen wakes up for a short time when receiving a notification, allowing you to perform a quick check without having to touch the device
– Custom settings for each app (sound, vibration, …)
– Pebble Watch support


3. Locket: Your New LockScreen

com.locket.android_thumb_4 com.locket.android_thumb_3 com.locket.android_thumb_6 com.locket.android_thumb_5

Bored with your lock screen? Bring it to life with content your friends are sharing. Discover what’s happening all from one place – your lock screen. Download Locket now!
Three Key Features:
– Discover popular, trending content: Follow friends to discover what they are sharing on your lock screen
– Share with followers: Got a great video or story? Share it instantly to their lock screens
– Personalize your lock screen: Add your best photos, get local weather and see beautiful images on the lock screen
More powerful than home screens, widgets and launchers, Locket will transform your phone. Download now!
“Locket is totally fierce: Tyra Banks invests in the lockscreen app” – VentureBeat
What happened to old Locket?
Locket no longer pays to swipe ads. We’re now focused on showing you personalized content.


4. Cover Lock Screen (Beta)

com.coverscreen.cover_thumb_1 com.coverscreen.cover_thumb_5 com.coverscreen.cover_thumb_4  com.coverscreen.cover_thumb_3

Cover is a smart lock screen that gives you the right apps at the right time. It replaces the factory lock screen that comes with your phone and includes features like peek, fast app switching and smart settings. Four Key Features:
1) The right apps at the right time: whether you’re at home, work or in your car, Cover learns which apps you use and puts them at your fingertips.
2) Peek: quickly see what’s new and launch apps with a swipe.
3) Switch between apps: jump directly between apps, skipping the steps in between with Cover’s app tray.
4) Smart settings: set different ringer volumes and wallpapers for each place: home, work, car and out.
Praise from Critics:
“Cover is a brilliant Android lock screen” – TechCrunch
“Performance is impressive; scrolling is smooth, the app is quick and responsive“ – The Verge
“Cover is one of the smartest applications we’ve seen” – Gizmodo
“Cover’s ‘peek’ feature is surprisingly instantaneous” – Engadget
“A smart and sleek solution for getting the most out of your lock screen.“ – AllThingsD
“Cover is an ever-changing lock screen with a buttery smooth UI” – DroidLife
“As you play with it, you realize it’s an app that’s very well thought through” – PandoDaily



5. Mi Locker

com.miui.home_thumb_5 com.miui.home_thumb_3 com.miui.home_thumb_2 com.miui.home_thumb_1

MiLocker, the most powerful unlock screen App. Want side-slip? Vertical slip? Multiple points? Animation unlocking? Do whatever you want to change your lockscreen style.
Based on MIUI technology, also has the world’s leading lockscreen theme library as well as talented designer users.Whether you are a designer or a mobile player, nothing but your imagination limits you.


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