75% Android apps workable with Nokia X series, 25% need a “retouch” only

Nokia x series with android appsNokia X is recently released and Nokia says that 75% of all the Android apps are compatible with its new devices- the X series of phones namely the Nokia X, X+ and the XL.

They run a customized version of the Standard Android and do not have standard Google Play services.

As many as 75% of Android apps are supported and compatible AND 25 % are not.

SO,If you are an Android Developer and you are very much interested in developing apps, download the Nokia X Services SDK and start developing and help develop the OS.

Nokia takes its new move very seriously. The entire user interface of the devices are retouched and the fast-lane gives you an Asha like feeling.

The searching of apps works like this – say you search for an app in the Nokia Store and its not found, the search is then taken over by a pre-installed third party app and the same keywords are put in automatically and if the app is available, the search returns or else you get a null element.

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