DISLIKING friends post now easy on Facebook

Facebook dislike extension for ChromeFacebook has always been disliked for not having a dislike button. And there is no doubt that each one of us have felt this!

Recently Facebook unveiled a new Facebook dislike sticker, but anyways the sticker can only be used in Facebook Messenger and it can no-way help you in expressing your views on the news-feed posts!

So here we have a Chrome Extension that would help you dislike posts by introducing a new dislike button, just near to your like button.

This extension is called ‘Dislike On Facebook’ and it works like a charm! To install this extension,what you have to do is:

 Just go to the Google Webstore and find dislike on Facebook.

 And it just works like magic, and you will instantly get a dislike button on every posts.

Now tease your friends and enjoy !

But, there is a little downside in this extension. One could find the details of dislike only when he/she has installed the extension. For example, the owner of the post should have dislike extension installed to view the dislikes for his/her post, which is like not having dislike button at all.


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