Three amazing records from Pakistanis beating UK and Indian

Pakistan records in youth festivalLAHORE : Youth Festival is going on in Lahore at its peak current days where Pakistan’s passionate young men are creating surprising records.

A Pakistani boy surprised everyone by making a very unique record crushing 155 walnuts in a minute by hitting from his head.

After that, Pakistan’s army captain Arbaab, with a 40 pound weight, made a new world record by making 65 push-ups from one hand.

Before that, a British citizen with 40 pounds record weight was holding that record with 31 push ups in a minute.

Around 7 men made another world record by lying down on a bed of nails for 46 seconds. Earlier five men from India was holding that world record.

Ali Haider also planted a world by making 52 push ups with 60 pounds weight.


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