Pakistan origin Amir Khan’s AK Foundation & Fun City Treats SOS Children

Fun City 2LAHORE – “Children bring along with them positive energy that elevates the spirit and livens up the overall ambiance of Fun City,” commented a member of Fun City – Pakistan’s first premier entertainment complex.

Dedicated to the cause of sharing a percentage of its revenue to exceptional causes through its CSR initiative One Good Heart, Fun City in collaboration with Amir Khan Foundation by international boxing champion Amir Khan, invited SOS Children at the entertainment complex.

At least 90 children clad in AK Foundation tee-shirts along with caretakers and faculty members of SOS Children’s Villages where given an opportunity to enjoy the facility at the play land along with an exclusive treat at Fun City’s Mrs Mayor’s Café & Fun Bakery. Cupcakes prepared by the Little Workers’ Union were also shared with the SOS Children.

Fun City 1A representative of SOS Village said, “We would like to thank Amir Khan Foundation and Fun City for inviting the SOS Children. The visit gave them a chance to engage in a healthy outdoor activity through an opportunity to explore the world outside SOS Village. It is one of the most adventurous and exciting trips the children have had so far. We feel proud to be a part of Fun City One Good Heart program and wish them the best in future.”

Within a short period of time Fun City, a project of 101 ASI, has been recognized for being the first and only entertainment complex in Pakistan for catering the underprivileged. Prior to SOS Children’s visit, Fun City held a baking activity under its Little Worker’s Union. In collaboration with Tahira Abdullah, renowned humanitarian and human rights activist, Fun City shared the items baked by children with those of Pehli Kiran School System Islamabad, a project of Jamshed AKhtar Qureshi Education Trust. Schools such as Liberal Arts High School Islamabad and Hillsdale School Islamabad have already participated in Little Worker’s Union and shared baking items with the students of Mashal Model School Bari Imam and Master Ayub’s School Islamabad.

Tahira Abdullah, on behalf of Pehli Kira said, “It is very essential to hold activities that teach children to share and work for one brother-hood and equality. We hope many other organizations will participate in this charitable endeavor. It’s all the more important to get children involved because this is the age for them to learn to love and share. I would specially like to thank Fun City for initiating the activities and taking it up as an essential part of it corporate social responsibility.”

Aiming to provide meaningful opportunities that improve the quality of life for underprivileged children, Fun City has launched workshops for children that help them to focus on multiple skills enhancement and development of teamwork ethics. Furthermore, the workshops promote the importance and value of working hard in order to earn rewards. Fun City aims to raise awareness and put a smile on the faces of children, who do not have the same luxury.

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