Tax hike.. do not jack up

You can make your main dish delicious not necessarily putting that more expensive than two dollars soft fruit with a lot of juice and shiny red skin that is eaten as a vegetable either raw or cooked!

You can help yourself from any large dish with or without it as well! Even your side dish doesn’t need its inclusion…

You know what I am talking about.

Catch your breath. I expect I have not caught you by wonder.  Yes I’m talking about the recent price hike of tomatoes which have now become a luxury and distant from the reach of common man.

As easy as ABC grown up tomatoes remain fresh for three to four days and home-grown tomatoes are much better to boot. Tomato plant gives fifteen to twenty tomatoes when harvested. It doesn’t take much place as well and can be grown in the seedbeds. It is not necessary to put in curry and gravies. Instead, yogurt and vinegar is the alternate of tomatoes.

Making strategy of not buying expensive tomatoes would probably end in either perishing tomatoes or it would be delivered at your doorstep. During World War II, England stopped eating almost everything under taut circumstances. Then we can also live minus-ing tomatoes and any other expensive commodities from livelihood.

If your taste buds are too used too for tomatoes then the bright spot in your cookery is to better purchase when on low prices at the market. Blend. Freeze it and use it in curries for months. Raw tomatoes plucked from the plant can also be used with no trouble. Tomatoes can be saved if we make ketchup and other sweet and sour products and delicious sauces.

On the brighter side, government must pay farmers handsome amount so their and other farmers’ interest will also develop, and they will harvest tomatoes along with other crops as well, and make more money from their occupation.

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