Artistically gifted people under one roof

Artistically gifted people under one roof |

Lately, artkaam gallery presented pieces of art by five exceptional artists. Ahmed Anver, an artist qualified from Karachi in eighties took a solo show to India at that time. He has also participated in several international exhibitions. Ahmed Anver’s palette makes him unique as he picks a wide range of colours – bright and dark – to fill the geometrical presentations of Kufic inscriptions. What we see is he has a strong grip on representing colours in his paintings.

Farrah, another artist specialized in Asian Miniature Painting, specifically in the style of Mughal Miniatures of the Subcontinent. She is continuing her art practice from her studio and conducting workshops as well on Traditional Miniature Painting in Islamabad. Her work deals with a range of socio-political issues. In most of her work in fact, the attention is drawn to the abuse of power in all its senses, which is the root cause of a corrupt and unjust system, distressing our personal judgment of human values. The emphasis of her work is on Peace and Humanity.

Hailing from a rather conservative area of Malakand, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Kausar Iqbal emerges as a very fine artist. Sensitive and observant by nature, he has the ability to create art that represents the cultural mechanism of society. A great deal of the said potential can be seen in his work on The Elephant Series. The series visualizes and highlights certain aspects of human nature. The character of an elephant is rendering multiple shades of human behaviour, by not only becoming an embodiment of power but also symbolizing peace and love. The symbol is incorporating the cultural aspect of the artist’s background where it represents power while simultaneously has exuberant humbleness.

Sumaira Amin, a traditional miniature painter by her temperament and professionally an art educationist. She is well known for reviving and retaining the Islamic heritage, culture, values and its traditions through the art of painting. She is the ambassador of globally protecting conservative means, modes, methods and approaches in the art of painting. She is a winner of the third-world Miniature Painting Competition held in 2009.

Syed Irfan, an artist who focuses on Mughal lifestyle, works mostly on traditional Mughal Miniature. His work is centred on historical iconographic elements within the cultural context of Mughal history. Irfan has explored and constructs the hermeneutics of histories, its contemporary representation of sociopolitical inquiry within his art practice.

He interconnects art, design, critical theories and collaborates with Mughal era giving his own interpretation in a visual form.


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