Ahed Tamimi – A Real Wonder Woman – by Sabeet Raza

Ahed Tamimi - A Real Wonder Woman - by Sabeet Raza | pakistantribe.com

Quite a few of us have seen the famous Che Guevara poster, with the red background, black-struck with white paint easing into Che’s face. Despite being a simple artistic creation, it is a piece that shook the world with its intense vigour and passionate bright colour scheme.

The same artist, Jim FitzPartrick- an Irish impassioned, with a talented brush- has developed yet another stunning piece of art- this time, however, structuring a piece reflective of a very different rebel. This time, Jim FitzPartrick has developed a poster that flies high, the Palestinian flag, in the hands of Wonder Woman- a character from the DC extended universe played in a recent movie adaptation by Gal Gadot (a former Israeli Soldier). The irony seeps justice in due fashion, illustrating the superhero in the form of Ahed Tamimi, a 17-year old Palestinian teenager, arrested by Israeli forces after she kicked and punched them for encroaching onto their property. Her strong, and physical response to Israeli soldiers, uniformed in bull proof vests, tactical gear and assault rifles, took place after her 15 year old cousin, Mohammad Tamimi, was shot by the forces with a rubber coated bullet that lead him into an abysmal 72-hour comma.

From the perspective of an average human being, deriding a being of any sympathy or emotions that make be evoked for a fellow teenager- it can be said, with the isolated backing of logic, that her response was justified. Under the UN’s unelaborate, yet succinct declaration, it is a human right to have control over one’s own property without intervention by any foreign entity. In case of law-enforcing agencies, a warrant is required to subject the property to a search or occupation activity by the local, democratically appointed judicial authority. Firstly, the Israeli courts can not justifiably be considered the local judicial authority based on the lack of their democratic jurisdiction over the area. Secondly, the Israeli’s did not show any such evidence to the young lady, or her sister and mother- both of whom were also arrested. Thereof, with certainty, it can be stated that the Israeli forces were completely at fault here, and only took the radical action of arresting the young activist, in simpler words, to cover their own behinds.


Whilst this may not be news considering the consistency that Israel’s military has maintained with their plight of oppressive attacks against innocent Palestinian households- the Irish artist does make a bold statement by portraying the reality of where true strength lies. His depiction of this real-world Wonder Woman, who is meant to equal Superman in the fictional world, says volumes about the state of human sincerity to their own species. The religious divide in the region is both a cause for concern, and further, one that has incited horrible atrocities against the Homo Sapiens. I surrender to the use of a Latin term to refer to our species to propagate the idea of our unity, and not that of our divide incited by her “Muslim-ness” and his “Jew-ness”.


Beyond the scope of what Tamimi is facing, it must be noted that four women from her family have so far been arrested, within the last two weeks, by Israel, including her mother Nariman (for posting the video on social media), her cousin Nour (accused of assault where she can clearly be seen just being a bystander in the posted video) and another activist- Manal (for demanding her family’s release).


Israel may be backed by the United States government. The US representative to the UN may be proud of being able to denounce the people of Palestine. The Israeli’s may think they can get away with anything. But that- that is not the case. The world is heading toward disaster if we continue the route we have taken and whilst my words may reflect mere rhetoric, it is evident from the consistent attacks on Palestinian women that Israeli forces possess no humanity, or capacity to extend empathy and compassion.


Global leaders from countries alike Chile have asked for Ahed Tamimi’s release, and artists like FitzPartrick have already screamed aloud against this inhumanity. It is time that the Israeli government itself realises the atrocities being committed against the humans living in areas occupied by their own forces, and further the crimes against humanity being committed in the region. Governments across the world, and the UN members must address this issue with directness, and surrender their false notions of “diplomacy” to ensure that the world is in fact en route the evolution into a more peaceful planet.


Whilst I rest my metaphoric pen with regret and intense dismay, I hope that these disillusions are felt by those resisting happiness and peace for the children and women of Palestine. I can only implore the authorities across the globe, and in Israel, to speak out for Tamimi’s release, and that of hundreds of men, women and children trapped unjustly in Israeli detention centres- and across the globe. This may only be one of the million problems in the world, but we need to start one problem at a time and ladies, gents and beyond- guess what- its about time.


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