Growth of Female Protagonists in the Literary World

Women NovelestsThe literary world has never been short of female protagonists, no matter when the book would be written we fall in love with their string characters again and again. Today more female charters are found in books than ever before, but lets start with the female protagonists that not only we but both everyone loves no matter what age they are.

If asked what female lead people remember from the classics than the answer is plain and simple: Jane Austen’s characters. Her book have supplied the world with characters that have inevitably left their mark on the literary world and will forever have that hold. Characters like Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre in well Jane Eyre and Anne Frank in The diary of a young girl are evergreen and the most loved female leads of all times

But there are also gems that might not be well known or remembered but if you try a little harder you will remember. If not than lets help you with that well lets start with  Anne in  Anne of Green Gables, Harriet in Harriet the Spy and her predecessor Nancy Drew, Jo in a Little Women and of course Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare.

Growth of Female Protagonists in the Literary World | PakistanTribeThe Literary world is swarmed with great female leads, much to our pleasure. Though some say there have been a lot of fierce leads but none of them could be found slaying a dragon of perhaps maybe riding one. If they think so and they should be ready to take their words back because not only there have books with female leads doing all those things but much more. Lets take Tamora Pierce’s Alanna, who battled men in war and won and ruled the fantasy genre, there have been countless others to join her ranks in making a fierce female protagonist.

It might even be safe to say that female leads have taken over the market these days. Wherever you look, you are able to find one. The most recent being Katniss in The Hunger Games others are Tris in Divergent, Tally in Uglies and of-course Bella in Twilight. This is great time for the female leads to show their strength and complexity and that writers are doing exactly just that. More so the writer’s producing these phenomenal Characters are females themselves lending a truth to the female leads. Suffice to say the growth of female leads has a great boost these past years and hopefully will even gain more ground.

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