T10 League 2017 Prize Money Will Blow Your Mind

T10 League 2017 Prize Money Will Blow Your Mind | pakistantribe.com

Cricket is one of the most expensive games of the present, and the introduction of different international T20 leagues have made it more interesting than ever.

We have seen luxurious sports cars and heavy motorbikes being presented in cricket games. But, never a multi-million studio apartment, right?

So, hold your breaths now, because one of the organizers of the T10 Cricket League,  Ali Tumbi’s Aqua Properties have announced to present a studio apartment worth Dh500,000 to the century maker.  Even half-century makers will get the luxury Hublot Rolex standard watch, worth up to 42,000 USD.

T10 Cricket League 2017 Schedule, Date and Time

Chairman of the T10 Cricket League 2017, Shaji Ul Mulk, while speaking to Gulf News said he is expecting to create a new benchmark in the annals of cricket.

“We want the cricket to be serious and keenly contested and hence resisted all temptations to experiment with fancy rules. We tried to stay close to the T20 rules and the changes that have been made have come by default. When you half the T20 game, rules will change. In T20 bowlers are permitted four overs and in this only two overs. We want people to like what they are used to. For example, there was a suggestion to make T10 with only 10 players, we were tempted but we did not want to do it because cricket is a 11-players’ game and we did not want to reduce it.”

This unique cricket fair is set to be held from December 14 to 17 at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium, which as per Shaji Ul Mulk, “will present a very different look.”

“Not only from the quality of the game but the way Sharjah Stadium will look. We are making many changes there,” said the chairman during his interview.


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