How Promising Grads Reverse Brain Drain

How Promising Grads Reverse Brain Drain |

“Serving Pakistan and reversing brain drain from foreign pastures to homeland in value-adding fields of corporate excellence and economic development” confess many promising grads.

Amid business luminaries and corporate leaders, representatives of foreign missions and international organizations, city and national elite, print and electronic media, emerged a healthy crop of a 1,000 plus grads in business management and allied disciplines at the 20th Convocation of the Institute of Business Management (IoBM), according to IoBM’s Public Affairs Section.

On this occasion, Mr. Muhammad Zubair, Governor of Sindh was the Chief Guest and Mr. Khalid Nawaz Awan, President, TCS was the Keynote Speaker.

While speaking on this occasion, Mr. Mohammad Zubair highlighted education as a process that must nurture among students the faculties of rational thinking, wise decision-making and prudent reasoning to develop their personality and character to make them noble and gentle professionals having sound knowledge of and command over their respective fields.  He shared with graduates the importance of positive thinking and healthy competition to survive in the highly-competitive corporate world. He hoped that the graduating class of 2017, amid the learning it acquired from IoBM faculty, will also comprehend the importance of managing time, prioritizing tasks and multitasking as positively result-oriented professionals.  He said that this commitment towards excellence instilled at IoBM is primarily due to the leadership values and principles followed by the Founder President of IoBM, Late Mr. Shahjehan Syed Karim. Mr. Khalid Nawaz Awan  emphasized the need for technology to benefit from and to connect our financial, emotional and intellectual capital towards sustainable businesses. He emphasized upon grads to acquire the right set of skills, be competent and work hard towards their goals in life. Mr. Awan has been a proponent of creating such business models that benefit masses at the grassroots level. He believed whatever the nature of business, human capital is of greater significance compared to financial capital.


During his address Mr. Talib Karim referred to promising IoBM graduates: “We have instilled in you at least three core values – the will to pursue larger purposes in life, the commitment to nurture the spirit of lifelong learning, and the resolve not to measure success in terms of wealth or status alone. These are the underpinnings you will need in your personality, as you go forward.” Mr. Bashir Janmohammad, IoBM Chancellor said IoBM was a dream-come-true reality of its Founder President, Late Mr. Shahjehan Syed Karim, who envisioned an institution to impart best education and gave his heart and soul in building IoBM’s reputation echoing with eminence at the national and international levels. He added that with guidance of its management and efforts poured in by its faculty, IoBM has evolved over a couple of decades as a model of academic and professional excellence,  known for its bright graduates and learned faculty in the corporate sector and continues to enhance its global linkages and credibility. He advised graduates to think of the less-privileged as attuned to and acclimatized with at IoBM and urged companies to prioritize corporate social responsibility in the overall development.

Valedictorian, Bisma Imtiaz, during her speech, attributed parents, faculty and management, besides students’ perseverance, dedication and commitment to academic, career and life excellence.

Degrees were conferred in specialized disciplines as Advertising and Media Management, Actuarial Science, Risk Management, Health and Hospital Management, Industrial Management, Environment and Energy Management, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Information Technology, HRM, Economics, Finance, Accounts, Management, Marketing, Business Communication and other fields.

“Preferring to serve Pakistan and reversing the brain drain from foreign pastures to dear motherland in highly-contemporary and value-adding fields of corporate excellence and economic development”, is the feeling of many promising grads” reveals Mr. Parvez Jamil, IoBM. He refers to a group of grads confessing that amid global corporate interdependence there is no country in the world like Pakistan for life and career fulfillment indeed


Among the galaxy of IoBM graduating stars were 10 gold medalists and 36 holders of merit certificates. Gold medals were earned by Sameen Ahmed, BBA (Honors), Janmohammad Dawood Gold Medal; Iffraah Rehman, BS (Computer Science), Imam Ali Kazi Memorial Gold Medal; Hafiza Huma Ameen, MBA (Evening), Standard Chartered Bank Gold Medal; Sarah Yousuf, MBA (L and SCM), Tabba Foundation Gold Medal; Mushkbar Arshad, MBA (Regular), Shan Foods Gold Medal; Simran d/o Ramchand, BBA (Honors), Halima Fatima Memorial Gold Medal; Abdul Khaliq, BS (Joint Honors), Westbury Group of Companies; Bisma Imtiaz, MBA (H and HM), Shahjehan S. Karim Gold Medal; Komal Bai, MBA (Regular), S.H. Hashmi Memorial Gold Medal; Hasnain Mohammadi, MBA (Weekend), Dr. Essa’s Laboratory Gold Medal.

Merit certificates were awarded as follows:

BBA (Honors): Aiman Shah, Suha Saud, Syeda Tasmiya Mohiuddin, Syed Ahad Ali, Muhammad Talha, Aqsa Akram, Nujia Ashraf, Tarefa Hafesjee, Hafiza Noor un Nisa Zubair, Rimsha Sarfaraz, Tooba Mahmood, Amna Rafiq Nagani, Mussarat Fatima, Shaheryar Ali, Amin s/o Aslam. PhD (Business Management): Amber Raza. BS (ARM): Sarah Pervez Alwani. MBA (Weekend): Hina Awan, Asif Abdul Razzak, Maria Mobin. MPhil (Business Management): Anam Qamar, Mohsin Ali. BS (Computer Science): Ammad Ali Butt. MBA (L and SCM): Rida Arif. MSc (OP and HRM): Ambreen Khan, Zara Ali. MS (Engineering Management): Irfan Yousuf, Rabia Hassan. MBA (Evening): Umamah Hashemi, Maria Anis Mirza, Maha Ahmed, Noor ul Ain, Romana Pervaiz. MPhil (Education): Samer Iqbal, Nahid Parween. MPhil (Organizational Psychology): Naureen Munir.


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