The Brutal Massacre of Rohingya Muslims in Burma

The Brutal Massacre of Rohingya Muslims in Burma |

I don’t know if I should close my eyes to what is viral on social media about the brutal massacre of Rohingya Muslims in Burma or if I should raise my voice against the atrocities carried out by armed forces of Buddhist extremist in Burma.

I have never felt so helplessly heartbroken when I could only pray for Rohingya Muslims and watch them burn to death and their bodies cut into pieces while they were still alive. Are we living in 21st century or a stone age where world has become a global village but we have become more savage and desensitized.

I can’t believe that world powers have not taken any concrete action to stop these mass killings due to their vested interests and I just can’t understand why there has not been any law passed and human rights violations are continued against stateless persecuted people be it Syria Rohingya Kashmir or Palestine. These persecutions are the collective failure of political leadership of Muslim world block.

Buddhists people along with their monks, have committed the worst possible crimes against Rohingya Muslims, such as burning children and houses, rape, killing, torture, and other forms of persecution. When the Muslims of Burma tried to escape this persecution, no neighboring country, including Muslims all over the globe, came forward to protect or to accept them. The only option they had was to be killed or die from hunger, fear, and extortion.
Neighboring countries should open their borders to Rohingya Muslims on humanitarian grounds. Why this ethnic cleansing is not being considered as terrorism and when any of these Rohingya Muslim become a rebel and attack any super power will be an act of terror and a war will be waged. I’m ashamed this is 2017 where we are mere a helpless silent spectators with all the military might.

Presidents of Iran (Hussain Ruhani) and Turkey (Tayyab Erdogan) said “If UN will be silent now we will break all barricades or borders and we can enter in Burma, our Army is ready to save our Muslim Brothers and Sisters. And we cannot wait much if UNO will not take any action. While a few Muslim countries and even fewer western nations condemn the violence in Burma. None of them is ready to say to the Rohingya we will take you in. Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak has also urged Myanmar to end its genocide against the Muslim Rohingya minority and warned that the conflict could destabilize the region. Some 123,000 Rohingya Muslims flee Myanmar for Bangladesh however once they arrive at one of the refugee camps in Bangladesh, they may face being turned away.

Rohingya Muslims issue is matter of confronting Burmese Government face to face by Islamic world block but there is no pragmatic approach from OIC or Islamic led coalition. Why is it that the Burmese ambassador has not yet been summoned by the Foreign Office or been questioned by the media? UN is long dead. It is inefficient and ineffective and is just a puppet of US & Israel if it can’t see the brutality going on in Palestine, Kashmir and now Rohingya by Israel, India and Mynamar than what use n purpose of UN, OIC and world leaders for their empty statements
This helplessness made me probe and realized why these injustices and brutal killings have not been stopped by now.

Since whatever is the will of the strongest, is not challenged by the rest. American war on terror could not be challenged or stopped by anyone but why China is silent on the issue is because the Chinese have a vision of connecting all the Asian countries via Road, Railway and Maritime. One Belt One Road that would connect some 65 countries to China, Myanmar lies on the crossroads too, it links the South Asia with South East Asia. They need peace, in the region, so that the road can be built. A war in Burma means a stop to all the development. China would never favor a war in Myanmar when the Chinese future is already on the stake.

Now why other Asian nations are silent is because Might is Right you need to keep up with the US, if you want to be economically stable. Turkey can speak or take sides easily because its foreign policy is not dependent on US, China, Russia or Gulf. But ours is. And almost all the countries have the same problem. Beggars can’t be choosers.

Bangladesh, India, and Thailand are strictly against any conflict in Myanmar, and have even repelled the migrants back since their own economic condition is no stable. Moreover they can’t support war in their neighbors. A war in the neighboring country means destabilization and terrorism in your country for at least a decade. We didn’t fight the War on terror in Afghanistan, but we were the worst victims. We just supported it and gave way to the NATO.
US has no interest in Myanmar, they’re already losing Billions of Dollars in the wars in Middle East.

As for Pakistan stance on this issue, at the moment we’re fighting our own war against militants. Terrorist agencies haven’t stopped their activities. We’ve recently got threats from Donald Trump and from the Afghan Army Chief too.

We often get the same sort of threats from Indian ministers. An Afghan war with Pakistan would be funded and supported by India too. At the moment we’re not even in position to stop the ceasefire violations at line of control than how could we imagine to talk of a war in Myanmar. One more thing that matters is the priorities of the sitting government. Whole government machinery is focused on by election NA 120 and have no time for external issues.

During Panama case, the whole government machinery was being utilized to save the Prime Minister, we left many important issues unentertained. One more reason why Pakistan is silent on the issue is the Aircraft deal with Mianmar. Pakistan Air Force is about to reach another milestone. Pakistan is selling 16 JF-17 block 2 aircrafts to Myanmar Air Force. It’s the first export deal of the multi-purpose JF 17 with any country. If we sell an aircraft to a country, that country is bound to get all the repairs done through us so the government doesn’t want to spoil the economic importance of this deal. So, I keep all my Emotions and Opinions aside and realize why we say “war is always the last option”

Nevertheless the silence on these genocide will one day cause a problem to us. The world would have to react. The Chinese won’t be able to stay silent once there is a war in their neighborhood. May Allah bless the Rohingya people with peace, and wake the leaders of the East.

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