‘Feminist’-Is it just an entitlement? – by Areesha Babar

‘Feminist’-Is it just an entitlement? - by Areesha Babar | pakistantribe.com

For the last few years ‘Feminism’ has been one of the most discoursed topics on the social media, our general discussions and many other forums. Still, after all this attention it seems ineffective in our lives. Is only the backlash it receives is the reason or is there even something more to it?

Holding her resume file tightly in one hand and adjusting her clothes from the other, she hastily rushed out of the office. It wasn’t her first interview, but still she could feel her body quivering as she left the place. On the way to her home, she thought of her despairing days. When for the whole day she was use to sit and anxiously wait for an interview call. Her previous job cessation, post the harassment case had badly wrecked her. She knew that she paid a huge cost of being a woman; unfairness that she received from the authorities had made her unable to trust anyone. But this time she was firm to rebuild her life. She revived her strength and hopes. Recollecting herself, she had finally managed to step out of her home after so long.

Within two weeks, she got the call from the office. She was finally appointed for that job. She was excited to join that big multinational company.

She dressed neatly for the first day of her job, looking prettier than ever. But this time, more than the nature of her job she was careful about the staff she was going to work with. That day, everyone greeted her and guided her well. She observed a friendly atmosphere around herself.

Tina was quiet and reserved, until she got a chance to meet closely with one of her senior colleagues. She was smitten by her fascinating and articulate personality. Sarah was known for her helping nature and her passionate speeches for the women. Tina was happy to find someone like her who was helpful and had the same beliefs. Usually Tina was busy with her office work but whenever she had the free time , she was use to join Sarah in her interesting conversations. Gradually Tina came out of her shell and started sharing her ideas that were highly praised by her colleagues.

Few weeks later ,she observed that her colleague’s started discussing her. Then they told her that she will be promoted very soon as the boss is quite convinced with her performance. Tina brushed it off as a rumor. She continued to work hard but was unaware of the fact that for some of her colleagues she was becoming a threat.

It was a busy Monday when she got the call from her boss. Eventually she left her work and hurtled towards his room. To her surprise, as she got there the boss declared her promotion . All of her colleagues congratulated her and celebrated her success cheerfully. Sarah also came up to congratulate her wholeheartedly.

The other day when she came her face was reflecting the joy .To work as a senior in her office was quite delightful for her. Her days were going well. All of her colleagues were maintaining the same friendliness.But she observed a change in the Sarah .Sarah started criticizing her work and sometimes even her looks ,but she took that positively.

Suddenly, she noticed that her colleagues started avoiding her but as she was focusing on her projects so she was unable to divert her attention. One a hectic morning, she got a call from her boss.Holding her bundle of flies she rushed into his room,as she dropped the flies on his table.The boss instantly handed her a piece of paper and that was a termination letter .Firstly ,she was shocked but then she tried to ask for the reason but her boss refused to give her any explanation.Hopelessy She left the office.

She was frustrated for days. She isolated herself in the house.One day she finally managed to call one of her former colleagues. Her colleague comforted her and revealed that the rumors about her previous job cessation were going around which finally reached to the authorities in the wrong way.

A trustee of madam Sarah told her that Tina was actually dismissed due to her bad character and the conduct. The harassment case which she put was completely deceptive. Sarah herself investigated it and then suggested the authorities that Tina can be damaging for their company’s reputation. For a while Tina couldn’t believe to what she heard. She remembered that Sarah was the most trustful person for her in that office.

As Tania put her phone aside, she got blank but a thought came into her mind that what significance does’ feminism’ hold If women can just talk about it but practically can’t stop pitting against each other?


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