Miserable Childhood – A curse or a blessing – Areesha Babar

Miserable Childhood - A curse or a blessing - Areesha Babar | pakistantribe.com

It is said ‘’The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 years turn out.’’ Childhood is the happiest time of a person’s life. No worries, innocence and full of life that’s what childhood is for the most. What if you have grown up thinking that you were the ‘unlucky child’, but is that always remain the same?

Dropping down her keys on the table , she laid her back down on the couch. Wondering of her long journey, she was happy that once labeled as a ‘gawky small town girl’ still she reached this level of success. She recalled the time when it was her first audition, dressed in her plain clothes and ripped black boots she landed in the studio. At that time, she was barely able to exchange a few words in English with her casting director. Scrutinizing her inability to speak, she was abruptly rejected. After her father’s death, she missed out on some important years of her schooling. Her mother made her stay at home, while she looked forward to earning. After those years isolation, when all alone she stepped out of the studio. She tried to look back on the time, when she actually spoke to someone new.

Then her delightful moment flashed before her eyes, when ten years back she appeared on the cover of a renowned fashion magazine that titled her as ‘The most beautiful.’ It was exciting but meanwhile quite surprising for her because unfortunately she couldn’t remember a single moment when she was praised by someone. As a kid she was least liked by her family, she spend her childhood hiding behind the curtains so that her elder cousins couldn’t reach and make fun of her.

From her side window, she glanced at her newly brought Porsche. That made her instantly ponder on her teenage days, when the girls were used to buy branded gadgets and clothes while her each day spend on eagerly counting her saved pocket money. There were the days, when her mother despite being a teacher was not able to teach her as she couldn’t buy new books for her.

Fashion models of her age had left the industry, marrying some rich hunks of the town. But she was still successfully ruling it. She knew that it’s not always possible that your partner is able to buy the things that you look for.

‘Acting’ was not always her passion. She remembered that she wanted to study but she hated her school. Just like the curtains, there the last benches were her companion. Bullying had made her more secluded and shy. She started finding peace in her solitude but gradually she became unconvinced of herself. She started beautifying herself, every other day she was secretly used to apply her mother’s make up and nail paints while looking at the mirror. From impersonating the normal people to whom she looked up to, she started impersonating the celebrities. It was the only time when she was boldly joyous .Her fellows never took her seriously. She was more like a ‘clown’ for them but then she started enjoying that attention. When she took the big step of joining the industry several abuses and judgments were hurled at her but she grew fierce as this wasn’t something new.

She ruled for two decades and was still on the top, every other day new pretty and talented girls came. She wondered, what was the thing which made her survive for so long .Apart from her hard work and people praying for her, she never let the success go to her head. Her humble background and troubled past never made her feel superior to the others. She was well aware of the struggles and pains that one could go through .She never wanted other children to suffer the same. Unlike others she spends her hard earned money in the charities. Just like her old days she still wasn’t in to the branded clothes and stuff despite of her big status.

Today was the big day for her, she won a national award. Again preferably she was celebrating her success alone in the solitude. Having so many admirers around herself, she still feared the people. Not of their judgments but she feared of getting hurt. The other stories of her life which she never wanted others to hear were loud enough that made her quiet. But she knew wherever she reached today that’s because of those harsh realities which she learnt very early in her life.

As she took the first sip of her coffee, an idea rushed into her mind .Thinking about it for so long now she finally knew that the title of her autobiography ‘Darkness brightens the star.’


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