6 most effective digital security tips

6 most effective digital security tips | pakistantribe.com

We are living in a digital world where access to information is no more a problem but the filtration of information and keeping ourselves secure during this process is a BIG challenge.

PakistanTribe.com’s Technology desk complied the solution for our visitors to address their digital-life need.

Below you could find 6 MOST EFFECTIVE DIGITAL SECURITY TIPS tips to make your virtual world a secure place.

  1. In case of theft, loss, or system failures a backup will ensure that your files can be recovered. So, back up your computer to prevent the loss of important data. Go to the Control Panel, click SYSTEM AND SECURITY, and then click BACKUP AND RESTORE to set up your device. Use a variety of backup options like an external hard drive on an online backup provider as a fail-safe way of securing your data.
  2. Make sure your computer is protected from malware. Malware is a software designed to corrupt or gain access to any device. Protect your computer against malware by installing anti-virus software. Some free software available for download including; AVG and AVAST.
  3. Download and install Keepass to store all of your passwords securely. After installing Keepass you only need to remember one master password. You can also use Keepass password generator to create stronger passwords. The solution is totally free.
  4. Be wary of threats online; make sure only you can access your computer! A firewall is a security system for your computer to protect it from unathorised access. Make sure your firewall is enabled. In CONTROL PANEL, click SYSTEM SECURITY and under WINDOWS FIREWALL select CHECK FIREWALL STATUS.
  5. Protect your privacy and browse the internet using HTTPS to secure your communications. Always check your URL to ensure that any website you’re using is HTTPS instead of HTTP. The ‘S’ stands for secure!
  6. How strong is your password? Protect yourself with stronger passwords. Follow these tips to ensure nobody can guess your password easily:
    1. Use a variety of charachters, e.g. [email protected]
    2. Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts
    3. Don’t write down, or give out your password to anyone

According to many watchdogs and data providers, Pakistan have more than 11-19 million internet users with less or ineffective laws to protect cyber presence of it’s digital generation.

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Above mentioned digital sucurity tips will help you and your loved one to keep safe while stating online.

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