#BanBC: Campaign against Abusive Language Culture

#BanBC: Campaign against Abusive Language Culture | pakistantribe.com

The use of abusive words or foul language is increasingly common since day one. When desensitization and apathy undermine the aptitude to feel, collective action must be taken.

Why Campaign against Abusive Language Culture?

#BanBC represents an attempt to change the way the use of abusive language are accepted passively. Organized by the students of Media Psychology from the Institute of Business Management (IoBM), #BanBC aims to transform the widespread indifference prevalent among people regarding the aggravating degrees of foul language into more positive forces like thoughtfulness and politeness.

#BanBC seek to ensure an appropriate level of freedom of expression, that members of the public are adequately protected from the potentially offensive language that may leads to harmful and offensive behavior.

Context of Campaign against Abusive Language Culture

Our campaign research provide an up to date understanding of public attitudes towards offensive language. The research is designed to provide evidence on current levels of intolerance and offence, how perceptions differ by context, and how this varies by different demographic groups within the population, including by age, gender and socio-economic group.

Our plan was to use social media campaign to expand our reach to region and to use the internet as our main strategy. Our campaign also involved going across campus and collecting views of individuals presenting their stance against the tyranny of this global phenomenon.

Findings showed how desensitization has overpowered our ability to feel, which is why our aim became to take collective action and raise our voice and concern. Issues we have faced during our campaign that the Apathy is deep rooted in our society while there was lack of will and awareness about measures to end the verbal abuse.

There was a major failure to understand religious and social norms of society and that Abusive Language Culture is prevalent among all age groups and genders.

Keeping these issues in our mind we have set our objectives to engage people in dialogues against the culture of abusive language and end passive and indifferent behavior among people.

We needed to mobilize people to promising action and help people move past gender biasedness.

Our focus group showed us that we had set the ball rolling in the direction of empathy and People who habitually use slang stood by the fact that they will not only condemn but also try to control this habit especially targeting women as a tool to exploitation. It’s high time that slang language needs to be taken seriously.

Be honest with yourself. If you are in the habit of using bad wordsSo, LEND A HANDTAKE A STAND ELIMINATE SLANG LANGUAGE NOW!!!

“You have to be the change you want to see in the world”. ___“Gandhi”

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