Rs 2000 to 3000 million to Indian Cricketers, Rs 0 to Pakistanis

Shahid Afridi on IPLKARACHI : Pakistan all rounder Shahid Khan Afridi wants justice for Pakistanis as he said that “Any such contract should not be made which only allow us to play in India but not to play Indian Premier league (IPL) .”

“All those contracts, let them earning 200-300 crores and let us earning nothing, should be refused.” he said.

Boom Boom Afridi also demanded of India to play a series with Pakistan at least in United Arab Emirates if Pakistan play with it at its place.

He said that “decisions should be taken for the betterment of Pakistan cricket.”

It should be mentioned here that India, who is the master mind of big three plan, lured Pakistan to play a series at neutral venue but did not include any of Pakistani player name in Indian Premier League (IPL).


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