Role of an Artsit in Society – Dow Medical College Seminar

Role of an Artsit in Society - Dow Medical College Seminar |

KARACHI – Dow Medical College organized a Seminar titled ‘Role of an artist in society’ today at Arag Auditorium of Dow Medical College. Renowned Artist Mr. Arshad Memud was invited as a Guest Speaker in the Seminar. T

he aim of this Seminar to raise awareness about role of an artist in a society. In this seminar Vice Chancellor Professor Saeed Quaishy, Principle Dow Medical College Prof. Dr. Kartar Dawani, Senior Faculty member and students participated.

The seminar started with brief introduction of Arshad Mehmud by Prof. Dr. Kartar Dawani with thanks for taking out his precious time to speak on this interesting topic.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Arshad Memud said that today’s topic is very sensitive topic because Artist has very sensitive feeling who feel the changes of society.

He further informed that memories about changes in our society since 1971. He informed that he was born in Lahore and got his education from Lahore. He came first time Karachi in 1971, when Karachi was very peaceful and growing city of Pakistan, lot of people comes to Karachi due to his attraction, especially zaib un Nisa Street (Saddar) always full of foreign customer.

Furthermore, he said to medical students, you are doing great job but it is so essential to connect with our roots and culture as well because Pakistani culture is our identity. He emphasized to select proper word either English or Urdu to make sentence. He felt that in our society we are not using proper word. We have to use Urdu because urdu have lot of vocab, it can be handled other words of languages. He also demonstrates last few decades in poetry. He said there is lot of people’s murder in Karachi but nobody was punished. We do not have evidence to punish or arrest them. In the end, he read poetry of Indian poet Mr. Perso Joshi which made participants eyes wet.

Later on, Prof, Kartar Dawani principle, Dow Medical College thanked the guest speakers and participants of the seminar. Praising the effort of the Guest Speaker, he asked audience to pay standing ovation to the speaker.

Prof. Mohammad Saeed Quraishy, Vice Chancellor, Dow university of Health Sciences in his remarks thanked the Guest Speaker for sharing his personal experience. In the end, Prof, M. Saeed Quraishy presented literary books as a token of appreciation to Mr. Arshad Mehmud.


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