Bullying – Should you fight back? – by Areesha Babar

Bullying - Should you fight back? - by Areesha Babar | pakistantribe.com

‘’He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.’’ It’s an ancient quote of a military strategist and philosopher Sun Tzu but is it applicable when it comes to bullying?
In just a day, her brightening smile changed into a dreary frown and her ingenious mind into an ignominious grind. It wasn’t something new for her, but this time it was off limits.

It was just another hideous day of her school; she was again trying to hide from the notorious girls of her class. But that day unfortunately, she wasn’t able to conceal herself for too long in that undisclosed spot. Maria and her ferocious friends had caught her this time. Soon she felt a heavy hand on her bag. She was about to turn, when one of them sturdily pulled her bag and threw it away. She moved her eyes all over the place, to look for her bag but meanwhile someone pulled her glasses away. She was blinded for a while and all that she could hear was the burst of laughter. She was frailly standing there, becoming a source of amusement for them. Her humiliation continued till they get bored of it and left the place leaving her glasses on her quivering hands. She then anxiously wore back her glasses, picked up her bag and headed to her home.

As she came in her home she didn’t say a word to anyone and locked up herself in the room. There she dissolved into tears, laying on her bed. For some hours when she didn’t come out, her mother started knocking at her door. She then recollected herself to open the door. Her mother was quite surprised to see her still in that uniform. Her mother brought food for her, but she couldn’t eat much. Her discomfort was evincing from her face. Her mother asked her about her day, she brushed off her question by just murmuring that it was fine.

It was a gloomy evening of that same day; she was still muddled in her thoughts, trying to get over that incident. Meanwhile she started looking for the solution. She knew that complaining of this incident won’t make any difference just like the previous one. Maria and her fractious friends will again win over her by making some false stories.

She knew that she can’t compete with them socially; being an introvert she barely had any friends. Her feebleness won’t allow her to fight back in their way. She knew that only she was good at studying and getting good grades. But how will this help her in subjugating them, there were many students who were great in studies in her own class. But then she thought of her some unrevealed skills. She knew that she was brilliant at writing stories and poems. She started wondering that if she uses her that talent, she may end up getting some place in her school which will prevent her from being harassed.

She didn’t want that incident to be repeated. She took three days off from her school. Next week she showed up in her class, quite calm and composed. She didn’t bother to look at the other side of her classroom where Maria along with her friends was giggling and making fun of her. She decided to take part in the next month’s story writing competition. While she was filling the form for it. She came to know that Maria was also eager to take part in it. Since that day she started working hard for that competition. she left no stone unturned in enhancing her skills. On the day of the competition she gave her best. While writing, she came up with the idea to add a short poem in her story. She knew that anyone would have hardly thought of it. As the competition got over, she confidently left the place. For the next two weeks she excitedly waited for her result.

Finally that most awaited day arrived; she was nicely dressed that day. Her heart skipped a beat when the host started announcing the names of the winners. The two runner-up awards were given; it was the time for the winner’s award. She was numbly sitting there when all of a sudden her name announced. She was shocked, but gracefully managed to move to the stage. While Maria sit there in misery. She got specially praised by the jury for her work.

The very next day when she moved into her class, she didn’t have to worry much. Her award earned her the fame and praise from her fellows and teachers. Now she was ‘Someone’ in her school. ‘Some one’ that Maria and her vicious friends couldn’t fight with or even come across.


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