Pictorial Depiction of Others in Life – Interviewed by Abida Gohar

Pictorial Depiction of Others in Life - Interviewed by Abida Gohar | pakistantribe.com

Although very few people in country have the real taste for art and its acknowledgment, yet there are few artists who are able to draw attention of many laymen like us towards their art pieces.

Two miniaturists, Farrah Mahmood Adnan and Syed A. Irfan have given voice to the many voiceless with their artwork. Depicting the feelings and everyday issues in a picturesque is not an easy job, but Capital-based, Farrah, and a Karachiite, Irfan, have the potential to do that.

Here Abida Gohar had an interview with Syed A. Irfan for all those out there who wanna know about miniature work and its specifications, which is as follows:

Syed A Irfan miniature work | pakistantribe.comAG: Briefly tell us about yourself?

SAI: I am Syed A. Irfan Born in Karachi. I am perfectionist in Watercolor miniature paintings Mughal, Traditional and Contemporary style. I stepped into the Art world in 2000, through a group exhibition of Miniature with other artists. I have done three Solo and many group exhibitions in different countries and cities like Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, London, India, New York, Washington DC , Dubai, Jeddah, Turkey, etc.

The difference between my miniatures and other miniaturists is the purity of soul which in turn runs into my colors and strokes. There is a life in my miniature and individual finds oneself under the magical spell in no time.

AG: You had previously displayed your work internationally like in Dubai, Delhi, Jamshoro, Islamabad and Karachi. What’s the difference of experience or in audience?

Miniature artist Syed A Irfan | paksitantribe.comSAI: Yes the big difference is that internationally people know about art and its history, but our audience doesn’t know anything about history and art.

AG: What’s the scope of miniature artwork in Pakistan?

SAI: Steeped in the past, yet modernist in its application, neo-miniature is the new face of Pakistani art. Having evolved as a genre that is entirely indigenous in its expressions, it has also globalised Pakistani cultural expression and has inspired a generation of artists within and outside the country

AG: What’s your qualification and how did you enter this profession?

SAI: I have done my B.com from Karachi University, then I pursued one year Diploma in Digital Media from Sir Syed University. I have never taken any art class from any teacher and any art institute. Art is my passion, my life. When I was working in chilhood, I had seen miniature paintings in Lahore museum in 1997 for the first time, and then I inquired one of the museum coordinators about miniature pieces of work. He gave me some details about it, then I dreamt of being a miniature artist one day, and started working on it. Later than that, it began to improve day by day. And today I am living that dream of mine.

Miniature work of Syed A Irfan | paksitantribe.comAG: What colour medium have you used in these paintings?

SAI: I have used Watercolor, Teawash, Ink, Gold leaf, Gouache on wasli paper.

AG: Some of your paintings are depicting very different message (writing unknown to many) which a layman cannot understand. Can you explain that?

SAI: My work ‘The Power of Our Words’ revolves around the basic mode of our expression, words. They can move you to tears, evoke absolute joy or lead you in action of course. There are words of encouragement, sympathy, love and admiration.  The right words can give you strength, define your faith, and give flight to things that live in your imagination.

In my illustrative paintings surrounded by the harmonious expressions that are portraying the imagination and faith in right words and that can be a source of nourishment to the souls. Words will inspire us, cut us, and they have a power to bring us back to our lives.

Miniaturist Farrah’s work deals with a range of political and social issues | paksitantribe.comMiniaturist Farrah Mahmood has previously displayed her work in Austria, Washington D.C, USA, England, Hong Kong, France, Dhaka, Canada, KSA, UAE, New Delhi, Bahrain, Iran, and Greece and recently in China.

Miniaturist Farrah Mahmood’s work sample | pakistantribe.comHer work deals with a range of political and social issues, but as a female artist in a male dominated society she has always been more inclined to talk about what it means to be a woman in the dark parts of the world.

In most of her works in fact the attention is drawn to the abuse of power in all its senses, which is the root cause of a corrupt and unjust system, distressing our personal judgment of human values.

Previously she had depicted the story of Mukhtaraan Mai in a series of paintings.

The emphasis in her work is basically on peace and humanity.


She strongly believes in the ‘Silver Lining’ if we work with dedication.


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